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We started the business together but now we dont see eye to eye.

I dont like confrontation so I let it go.

I think they have a friend who is a solicitor.


Small & Medium sized businesses

Unfortunately there are occasions when things go wrong. Issues around conduct at work, relationships with colleagues, poor attendance and work performance are all to familiar. In small and medium sized businesses they can have a disproportionate effect on morale and even the profitability of the company.

Simple misunderstandings can fester and become deep seated grudges. Employers are often fearful of taking action or find the law that deals with conduct and capability issues to be a minefield.

We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with all types of disputes from clear cut misconduct through to complex and emotional cases requiring sensitive solutions.

Our risk based approach has provided many clients with successful outcomes to seemingly impossible problems and without the need to involve solicitors. As you would expect we have a thorough knowledge of employment law however this is applied in a commercial and pragmatic way where the situation allows.

Larger Organisations

We provide formal employment investigations services, particularly useful where you do not have, or it is inappropriate to use, in-house resources.

We are also trained Workplace Mediators.

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