stethoscope-xxlDo you have an employee who is unreliable, letting you down at short notice with excuses of minor illness or problems outside work? Or are you concerned about the performance of one of your key people due to their attendance record?

How do you deal with longer term absences, running your business and still keep on the right side of employment laws?

Managing attendance at work is something that rarely gets attention until a problem arises, however there are proactive steps you can take that can have a significant impact on the number of working days lost and the associated hidden financial costs.

We have experience in dealing with the ‘symptom and cause’ and can provide assistance in developing a cohesive attendance policy that depending on your current levels of absence will pay for itself in a matter of months. The cost of absent employees can be substantial. In addition to wage costs holiday pay will normally continue to accrue

We also have expertise in dealing with complex and sensitive long term sickness situations dealing directly with the employee and where appropriate their family and medical advisers. We can conduct home visits and liaise with health professionals to ensure that all the relevant information is available to enable you to make informed decisions and to protect you from risk of expensive discrimination claims.

Don’t forget an employer is not required to be a medical expert but they are expected to make proper enquiries in a timely fashion. We can ‘case manage’ specific issues regardless of whether they are physical or mental health related.

Tip for businesses

Have you thought of using Occupational Health Advisers? The NHS offer businesses a cost effective service. For more information visit


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